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    HG/SS May Updates


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    HG/SS May Updates

    Post by zappyspiker on Tue Jun 16, 2009 7:58 am

    May 7th
    Being the second entry for pokemon RPG, Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal has been one of the most Popular Pokemon games which has taken twice as long to finish compared to all the other games which has been released and has sold over 23, 000,000 world wide. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver which was announced on the May 7th 2009 to be released in Japan Fall (Around Nov-Dec 09). The logo for HeartGold features Ho-Oh's wings in a heart formation while Lugia looks like a spirit in SoulSilver's logo

    May 9th
    On Pokemon Sunday, The Hostess of the show revealed the Starters of the game of which we know: Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile, Folloed by a short snippet of the game which was gold walking around in Newbark Town with his Chikorita which was following him around like in Pokemon Yellow where Pikachu was following it's trainer. Like in the old G/S/C we also see his Rival Poking through the Window

    Starter Pokemon

    In New Bark Town

    May 12th
    We see the new artwork of the characters. We find out that Gold has been redesigned and we find out that Kris has now been replaced with a new Character(Soul) Her name was Unknown at the time. We see Many Screenshots from the game including entering new locations Pics like FR/LG series, Celebi's Shrine with A Pikachu colored Pichu.

    May 13th
    HG/SS Update May 13th 2009

    Like Snow/ and sandstorm weather, Wind has now been introduced - After all Newbark Town is "The Town Where the Winds of New Beginnings Blow". There's also been an update for Future Ideas for Castform's new Form "Wind"

    Rumors of riding a skateboard have been heard (I fell for this one when I was younger playing Pokemon Crystal)
    A confirmed Date of September 11th of the release

    Remember in D/P/PL where if you chose Lucas, Dawn will help you along the way and Vice Versa. Well it has been announced that this will also happen in HG/SS.

    Another update, instead of having to press X to open the menu you will be able to use it by pressing the buttons on your touch screen instead.

    The Pikachu-Colored-Pichu - From preordering the 12th Movie tickets- triggers an event with the notched eared Pichu so this means that the notched eared Pichu is not just a movie exclusive. It was also found out that the Pichu may have something to do with the GS ball.

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