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    Trade & Battling Rules



    Trade & Battling Rules

    Post by Guest on Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:56 pm

    Ok, here are the Guidlines for the Wi-Fi section

    1. ABSOLUTELY NO HACKED POKEMON. I for one do not tolerate them. This goes for any battle or any trade on PNB.

    2. No Asking for pokemon that haven't been released ie.Arceus.

    3. Do not Dis-connect or 'run' from a wi-fi battle if you are about to lose. This will add to your reputation as a member.

    4. The ONLY time you are allowed D/C is if the other player has broken the rules. Please report to staff if they do.

    I don't want any 'short cuts' in the wifi section so i you do not obey the rules it could result in a ban.

    If anyone breaks a rule make sure you report it to staff. Unless it was a genuine mistake.

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