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    Pokemon HeartGold/Soul Silver Speculation Thread

    Ashley Tisdale
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    Pokemon HeartGold/Soul Silver Speculation Thread

    Post by Ashley Tisdale on Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:55 am

    Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSiilver Speculation Thread

    This is the Official Pokemon HeartGold/Soul Silver Speculation Thread. Here you can talk about all you say about the Future Features or The futures you want to have on in the Game " Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver ". Now before you start talking about everybody's Speculation. Read the rules first.

    - No Spamming
    - Respect each other.
    - No Double Posting
    - Non-Topic posts will be ignored or deleted.

    Now. You can start talking about the Speculation. And i hope you follow the Thread Rules. Now. Let's start talking about the Official Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Speculation Thread!
    Thank you.

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    Re: Pokemon HeartGold/Soul Silver Speculation Thread

    Post by zappyspiker on Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:00 am

    I'll start off here with the my post from PC:

    -New transport:
    The most annoying thing about Pkmn D/P is the snow - especially since u walk extremely slow and can't use you're bike. So why can't we ski or snowboard - Wouldn't that be fun

    - Surf faster: Although I can be quite an impatient person there are times when I think the pokemon should surf faster

    -Catch all legendaries

    -Catch all the ledgendaries without event needed - geez some of us come from countries where we can't get events

    -If would be nice to to travel to past regions and meet the pervious heros/ heroines

    -Not sure about this but things like pearl/diamond only pokemon

    -Not sure bout this either but catching all pokemon - Though if this were to happen there wouldn't be much challenge in completing the national pokedex.

    - Lol this just came to me "all the super villains combined" - yeah weird i KNOW
    -lol another thing that came to me hero/heroine romance....

    - Choosing the character, choose from several different characters and choose who's gonna be you're Rival.

    - Different storylines: Choose to play The Hero, Heroine or the Rival and let each have a different storyline.

    -Connect with you're friend(s) and play the story with you're friend(s) in the game to.

    -Like pokemon yellow, let the pokemon follow behind you except you can choose what pokemon.

    -Simple things like what colour you're pokeNav/ Bike is. - If you choose a girl and you don't like pink?

    -An awesome name for the new series!!!

    -New pokemon (duh) or a johto remake would be nice

    -call me weird but better new evolutions - I swear the first time i SAW Tangagrowth it scare me

    -Calendar Seasons would be nice but if you think about it, if you have summer you'd have to wait half a year to get Ice pokemon unless they were in some Ice cave(G/S/C)
    Although If they were planning to have the other regions back the seasons can rotate between them

    -Cool new scene layouts and background music

    Also I've came across this on google:

    You can comment your opinions on what i say.
    But i got this form my uncle who is working on Pokemon the 5th Generation !
    Im so excited now,

    But yea, there's gonna be 150 New pokemon.
    Yes 150 is alot, but they said this might be the last gen.
    And there gonna connect stories of different legendary Pokemon
    To make an understanding of why there legendary.
    There gonna be
    5 semi legendary 2 legendary and 1 special legendary.
    15 Pre evolutions 20 Evolutions
    5 Pokemon that evolve while holding an item
    1 DNA Pokemon
    The rest are new pokemon
    The 3 starter pokemon's will be fire,grass, and water of course.
    Yet said the type of the final evolutions for the 3 starter pokemon's
    Will be Fire-Ghost Grass-Flying Water-Poison
    Never been types like theese so this will be an amazing.
    The only 2 confirmed pre evolution will be Psyduck and Mewoth.
    3 evolutions confirmed are Snorlax and Sudowoodo and Mr. Mime
    Maybe Carnivine or Girafarig
    Sounds like were gonna be in for some crazy things.
    2 confirmed pokemon that evolves while holding an item is
    Pinsir and Heracross maybe Milktank.
    So yea, also Evee and his new other evolutions will come out.
    And a special one where he holds a new stone called Admant stone
    Only a special stone for Evee where he's A normal/flying.
    His other forms that will come out is steel, ghost, and poison.
    There's gonna be so many new pokemon that we will not expect
    But now the story of the legendaries and the game...

    I herd the story is gonna be a flashback to Mewtwo.
    Where they get Giratina's Dna, and create a new poekmon.
    Like mew - to make mewtwo.
    Giratina to Giratoo this time.
    Giratina doesn't seem that special as other pokemon but when Giratoo
    Is Alive, he try's to attempt to kill Giratina, and all other pokemon.
    As usally, but the twist is that they figure out that they can get different legendary pokemon's DNA to create new evil ones.
    But, when they try out this new legendary pokemon "Its Not able to"
    Which makes Giratina and Mewtwo The only two pokemon where they can get DNA from. Why because Mew and Giratina
    Has something unique and special beetween them , i can't reaveal what But ITS CRAZY !
    Besides that, 3 new semi legendary's will have sky forms.
    There will also be twin legendary.
    Like Sin and Twi.
    Sin is dark/ghost, Twi is Electric/ghost.
    There compatable to spirit tomb, its this other story you will have to find out.
    The Unknow's are back from A-z
    And The Regi's
    I herd they connect, And build this big Pokemon .

    What else?
    Like the 3 regi's and the special Regigigas.
    Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf
    will have Zypin.
    3 Legendaries turn into people, and half pokemon.
    Sounds weird yet cool.

    Gen 5 sounds as if it's gonna be big


    Re: Pokemon HeartGold/Soul Silver Speculation Thread

    Post by Guest on Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:24 pm

    Zappy said most of the things i would like ! xD

    I suppose a more stylish charecter, The return of Gold will be awsome!
    The 2 regions *drools*
    I miss Kanto so i just can't wait for... everything really. I just wonder if the safari zone will come back =/

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    Re: Pokemon HeartGold/Soul Silver Speculation Thread

    Post by zappyspiker on Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:21 pm

    Yea same, I wish they have both the bug catching shoe thing and the safari zone

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    Re: Pokemon HeartGold/Soul Silver Speculation Thread

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