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    Lessons you've Learned from Pokemon


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    Lessons you've Learned from Pokemon

    Post by zappyspiker on Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:02 am

    I'm planning to make a YT video for this thread cause this is one of my fav as threads, keep adding, The more the better. I added 50 XD Excuse me if I repeat any

    My posts

    1. Its ok to wear the same clothes over and over again and not need to change for the next few years or so (yes that includes underwear)

    2. The best way too get pocket money is to battle people for it

    3. You can live a few years without eating

    4. Going toilet is unnecessary

    5. Ten year olds are allowed to roam the world later than their bedtime

    6. Your mom doesn't really care for you and just your money (PKMN G/S/C)

    7. Your Mom loves to buy stuff for you even though you will never really be at home to enjoy it.

    8. No house has a toilet

    9. Water is beaten by electricity ( What about water + a keyboard/computer/ electrical hard(soft)ware

    10. Psychic is not spelt phychic

    11. It's ok to be in t-shirts and shorts any time of the year.

    12. The only words that come out of your mouth are "......."

    13. The main character's parents are divorced

    14. You don't need to learn the important stuff we need to learn now

    15. You can ride a pokemon with a burning back without getting ur ass sizzled (pkmn special)

    16. You can run without ever getting tired

    17. That you can never bike inside

    18. Pokemon that have already fainted can still fly you or surf you places

    19. People call you often to tell you every bit of information in there life

    20. That Ash wasn't good enough to meet Raikou

    21. People will keep coming back to challenge even though they know they will still be beaten.

    22. (G/S/C) This freaky dude called your Rival keeps stalking you and says he is better than you when really he just wants to get "closer" to you

    23. If pikachu evolves Pokemon may Pokemon won't really have much of a point anymore.

    24. Your mom doesn't care if you spend all your money gambling

    25. No one cares if you walk into there house

    26. People love saying the same thing over and over again without any sense of knowing any other vocabulary.

    27. Evil organizations need better Pokemon than Zubat Wurple etc

    30. Pokemon say thir own name in the Anime but in the game they make weird screeching sounds.

    31. Another stalker known as Dawn always ends up at the wrong place wrong time

    32. Ash needs a birthday Party, I lost count of how old he is

    33. Ash carries half a pokeball in his bag

    34. Ash abandons his pokemon at Prof. Oaks place when he's in Pallet town and doesn't use them unless necessary.

    35. You can get a lot of free stuff

    36. People don't wait for your opinion they just battle you. No comment what so ever.

    37. You can only do the lottery once a day

    38. Swimmers practically live in the water, I've never seen them move from around there spots.

    39. Same as 38 Hikers that never go out of caves, they'll go blind from never seeing the light. They musta been born there.

    40. People need to move more often as in move from town to town more that just steps.

    41. School is a place where there are hardly any students.

    42. It's ok to climb mountains without the proper gear.

    43. It's ok to walk in the snow just wearing a scarf and no proper snow gear.

    44. We can't borrow someone's snowboard or skis in the snow we actually have to walk, we can't run either.

    45. The sandstorm doesn't bother the trainer, same in a hailstorm

    46. Huge creatures can be kept in tiny shere shaped things

    47. People just give you thier number not caring what could happen.

    48. Tiny mice can beat huge robots.

    49. Prof. Oak forgets what his Grandson is called

    50. A pokeball is like a boomerang - It comes back!

    1. You can recognize bad guys jus by looking at their clothing.
    2. The police don't seem to do anything and that a 10 year old can beat a large supposedly evil organization with an animal.
    3. Large evil organizations always send their guards at you one at a time for some reason.
    4. Even if you have 1000000 in cash people still treat you the same and no one looks at you again.
    5.Breaking and entering is okay.
    6. You can't exercise in gyms anymore
    7.You don't get heart failure even though getting shocked by electricity multiple times.
    8. You don't get fourth-degree burns when fire is shot at you but instead you just turn black in colour.

    u can go to opposite world of where we live and go down a waterfall thats going up and u can become spiderman by walking on walls!

    Gambling for Pokemon dolls is fun!

    I have learned that most people only require a one room
    house that usually only has a bookcase and table in it.

    That it's okay to carry around 1,000,000+ in currency at a time. (No, seriously. That bothers the heck out of me.)

    - That people stand in the same place all day and somehow hear you say things even if your character can only talk in all-capital two-word phrases. Argh.

    - That everyone from an evil organization claims to steal other people's Pokemon, but they still insist on using Zubat, Glameow, Stunky, Meowth, and the like. Over and over and over again.

    - That Gym Leaders are people with the supreme patience enabling them to stand in one spot until the end of time doing nothing but looking impressive.

    - That if you spin in one spot fast enough, you'll magically change into fancy clothes without lifting a finger.

    - That creatures who can shoot fireballs and create earthquakes are unable to cut down one measly little two-foot-tall tree (which their Trainer could step over in two seconds) until they get a shiny little piece of metal which, apparently, has supernatural powers.

    - Oh, and that policemen get all paranoid at night and will only fight you then.

    Also, you can get from one city to another in a matter of seconds.

    I learned that apes have either fiery tails or fiery heads.
    I learned that experience in the world is given to you in points.
    I learned that creatures can only know four things to do.

    Also, I learned that they never shower, take a bath, drink water, eat food, all the necessities of life.

    They only walk, run, ride, battle, and sleep.

    I learned that whenever you lose a battle you will either lose consciousness on the spot or rush to the nearest Pokemon Center and then do so.

    I learned that it's possible to render unconscious avatars of nature, the god of death, and the time/space continuum, but if a dude in a space suit is standing in front of you, there's nothing you can do about it. Until you beat a Gym Leader, of course

    I learned that even if your Pokemon knows how to smash the rock or cut down the tree blocking your way, you ARE NOT ALLOWED TO until you get a new badge. >_> Duh.

    And if you're on some quest to save the world from collapsing, and you screw up, it's OK! Just go off, train for another 5 hours of gameplay, and go back! Cynthia and Cyrus will still be having a staring match in the Distortion World! Whee!

    And every item in the world looks like a Pokeball when it's lying on the ground. No exceptions.

    I also learned that when a Pokemon faints, it won't wake up until you take it to a Pokemon Center or feed it a small, diamond-shaped piece of who-knows-what. Really, what do they make medicine out of?

    Bad guys never attack YOU. The sensible thing to do would be to pull out a handgun and blow the ten-year-old's head off, but instead they use their pogeymanz to . . . well, get pwned by a kid. Then they run away, leaving the kid to wander freely through the place they were guarding.

    Grunts in an evil HQ never raise the alarm after they lose, just standing around listlessly.

    If you're a fully grown adult, working for a nationwide crime ring, and you lose to a kid, it's excusable if you say that your only intention was to hold him/her up while the boss gets away/steals the legendary Pokemon.

    I have talked too much.

    Oh, and playing lullabies wakes things up.

    *If you swim around a beach shore long enough, you'll either encounter a glitchy abomination or an impossibly strong powerhouse.

    *Humans only know how to walk, run, battle, sleep and use a computer. Pokemon take care of all the other stuff.

    *Most 10-year-olds have the physical and mental capacity to run around an entire country collecting badges and money from other trainers, then challenging the strongest of all and becoming a worldwide phenomenon in under a week if they believe hard enough.

    *Stealing pokemon from trainers is bad, but breaking and entering into somebody's house to steal everything that isn't nailed to a wall is a-ok!

    *Nobody ever carries a weapon around, especially not the villains! They use poorly-trained pokemon instead, and rather than alerting their higher-ups they just run away and allow you to explore the place.

    *Mythical gods can be controlled by a small child if they have enough flimsy pieces of colored metal.

    *The world stands completely still until you do something, and if you lose you can just try again! It's not like anything important will happen while you're gone!

    *Birds without wings can fly you across a country, and pokemon smaller than your hand can guide you across vast amounts of water comfortably.

    *If the battery runs dry, time stops. Time gods be damned! Sucks for you, kid.

    *If you don't have friends, you're either a villain or a failure.

    *The only crime that exists is stealing other people's pokemon. Anything and everything else is excusable.

    *Every animal, bug, fish and plant in the world is oviparous. Except mythical gods, they can't reproduce at all. So much for heirs, eh? I guess once they're dead the world is doomed.

    *A live pink jell-o can reproduce with every living creature on the planet. Humans are probably included.

    *Sometimes if you illegally obtain too many steroids for your pokemon, they'll morph into rotten eggs and you will die soon after.

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    Re: Lessons you've Learned from Pokemon

    Post by zappyspiker on Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:22 am

    It was too long gaa!


    In a floating log city, a old man can't see a darn island for crap. But bring in a certain animal in your party, and his blindness is magically cured. Until that animal leaves your party, of course.
    Bells are freaking hard to find on mountains.
    Trendy phrases help some fish change locations.
    Such fish can only grow if they are beautiful. If you're ugly, too bad!
    Viruses actually help you get stronger. o_O
    You haven't fully experienced ugliness until you see a rock-nose compass chunk and a ghost...thing that's sealed in a stone and is obsessed with the number 108.
    If you press "Down" once, you can have a staring contest with the screen forever.
    Even if a new town is a few steps away from you/is in your line of sight, you have to physically BE IN the town to fly to it.
    Animals can move out of the "Summary Screen" picture box with ease?!
    Fire can exist underwater. Even though certain fiery reptiles can die by getting their tail flame wet, they can still survive after being completely submerged in water.
    By simply AIMING FOR TEH HORN, you can do almost anything!!
    Though many people have KO'd wild animals for experience, you never see any unconscious/dead bodies lying around after the battle.
    If you illegally obtain Berries or Machines using certain devices, you can stare at the "Poke Ball" pocket in your bag forever. Also, whatever's in your TM/HM and Berries Pockets becomes unreadable.
    If you illegally encounter/create certain Pokemon, those Pokemon can become rotten eggs when transferred to other lands. Also, meeting Pokemon illegally can paralyze you forever while you're running around.
    Two jewels are the key to the Internet's existence.
    An animal that is presumed to have created all other animals can still get its butt kicked by the animals it created. WTF?
    Female mimes are constantly referred to as males.
    If you're a bee, a venomous moth, or a floating magnet (not counting Magnet Rise), you can still get hit by Earthquakes and other ground attacks despite the rules saying you're supposed to be immune when flying/levitating.
    Hedgehogs can turn into flying reindeer with wings for ears by holding flowers.
    Explosions always signify your impending doom in battle facilities, no matter who caused then in the first place.
    In another world (related to Pokemon) :
    Little jiggling puffs can beat up and knockout super-powerful psychic cat clones, flying space animals, race-car drivers with guns, swordsmen, gorillas, plumbers, turtles, dragons, hedgehogs, psychic kids, princesses, giant floating gloves, bounty hunters, and other creatures with ease, all by resting for a bit.
    Those stupid jiggling puffs can also get an instant growth spurt by grabbing rainbow-colored orbs. The growth is permanent if the orb is grabbed on certain stages.
    A psychic cat clone can be super-powerful in one world, yet (sadly) it can become rubbish in another.
    In another world, if you're a wolf moving at extreme speed, you can't hurt foes. But if you're an electric mouse, moving a little quickly to attack can.
    People who refuse to believe that certain little Gold and Silver-colored pieces of plastic and metal will exist one day can only hope to facepalm in the future.
    And by putting all your heart and soul into something (like making speculated plastic Gold and Silver cartridges real), you can actually influence game companies.
    Almost any word can be used as a synonym for "rice balls/onigiri".
    If you get involved with animals and masterminds of mirages:
    Your voice can change DRAMATICALLY.
    Digimon isn't supposed to exist. According to Professor Oak," can't turn a soul into data!" How could he say that? So I've been watching a lie since 1999? I think NOT! He just doesn't want any Pokemon competition, I guess...
    Wait...if that's true, how is the Pokemon Storage System supposed to freaking exist?!
    Professor Oak contradicts himself and forgets stuff frequently. Apparently:
    1. Oak forgot that animals obviously can be turned into data.
    2. In Sinnoh, Oak forgot in that there is currently no "white rock" to be seen in Kanto.
    3. Though Oak told Ash that he would've gotten a Pokemon if he arrived earlier, Oak still would've been 1 Pokemon short for the would-be late Trainer if Ash and 2 other Trainers arrived earlier instead. He'd have to give out Pikachu regardless of having to resort to giving out Pikachu. Oak didn't realize he would actually need 4 Pokemon stocked, not just 3 Pokemon and Pikachu... (search EP001 and look under trivia for better understanding.)
    4. Oak created a temporal paradox in Pokemon 4Ever: Voice of The Forest that contradicts time, but cancels #3 above (again, see EP001 trivia for more info)
    Only people named Ash can save the world from birds.
    If you give out mementos, you can become unconscious. A bonus: you weaken your foe as well!
    Certain animals can use elemental stones as steroids.
    To avoid steroid controversies, just eat berries to make everything all right! Your steroidal levels decrease instantly!
    Berries can also give you defense against certain attacks. And if you eat a berry you hate, you can get confused.
    Developing amnesia can build up defense. Using your belly as a drum makes you super-strong! (but saps half your energy). Also, walking around with a swagger in your step makes your foes stronger and confuses 'em.
    Besides your genes, who you fight determines how strong you can be later in life.
    In caves, running around makes animals appear out of nowhere.
    Running around trying to catch/fight with 151+ funky animals can instantly start a fad.
    Though villainous crime syndicates are wrong to sell animals, game companies can host events to make you waste time/gas money for certain animals.
    People will actually take the time to collect a bunch of pixels and data from such events as well. On that note, n
    Leftovers aren't nasty, they're great! They give you energy!
    Don't say that someone died when they really were just roaming around and think no one will notice, because you'll regret it later on when someone starts telling chronicles about past events.
    If you're a firefly, your level determines your kid's species.
    Eternal stones can make your kid have the exact same personality as you 50% of the time. You can also do this if you're a psychic freak.
    If you toss Whack-A-Moles, giant whales & orcas, or space deity animals into space while battling in a revolutionary manner, hilarity ensues.
    While giant orcas and green dragons can stare at you intently, red dinosaurs would rather look away. (sorry about the obscurity of it; kudos to you if you get it!)
    Really muscular men can be so pouty when they lose, especially in Kanto.
    Computer soldiers can cost way more in one game version's gambling prize redemption area than they do in another.
    Pigs can fly, if given the chance. All they need is someone with expert hacking skills.
    If you're large, blissful, carry eggs around, boil them, and make illusory clones of yourself, you can piss off a lot of people.
    If you replace blue-haired girls who have jogging shorts, many people will cry and/or hate you.
    Even if you become a Champion, the Champion you beat will never leave the room, and you never get the title "Champion" to replace "Animal Trainer" in your name.
    If you become a Champion 2 times or more, people keep on getting dazzled by your abilities, even when you just fought them 10 minutes ago. Looking at you, Cynthia. This is also evident when you fight a strong Hawaiian girl in a tropical regions; she keeps on wondering how far your bond will take you even after you've beaten the Elite 4 and other batttle facilities multiple times
    Old dragon masters are idiots. They think that you need a virtuous heart to win battles, when all you really need is better moves and stronger animals than them. They also think that the Elite 4 is the best place for battles, when there are plenty of people/places with stronger animals than them.
    If a Dog Roars you away, your electronic encyclopedia cannot track the Dog's location again. Also, your electronic encyclopedia needs you to be outside battle facilities to track animal sightings.
    Overgrown lilypads love to dance.
    Game companies really hate pirates, especially when they use SeaGallop ferries. Their hatred is just hidden to the naked eye.
    Other trainers can't turn their heads for crap. You have to be directly in their line of sight for them to see and battle you. Also, if you're in a fight, you're magically paralyzed until your animals finish fighting.
    You have a 1 in 8192 chance of seeing funky-colored animals covered in glitter.
    Catching and fighting with animals can be rewarding/addicting. But if you get a diploma for it, you can't keep the diploma.
    Redheads and psychic freaks (with makeovers) can be HOT. Also, a certain redhead can make her gym very hot and steamy.
    The government is so incompetent. 10-year-old kids are always required to end crises. And leaders of gyms almost freakin' everyone else in the world are/ is so lazy! Many of them have animals that are much stronger than your animals during the crises, so they could easily handle the situation themeselves. But NO... They just stand in their gyms/houses as if nothing's happening to the world.
    If it's raining on a route right before a treehouse city, you just have to take one step into the city to make the rain disappear.
    Once a weather crisis is over, old men have nothing better to do than stand in front of a cave forever to let it "rest".
    An unconscious animal can't do crap in a fight, but it can do plenty of tasks outside a fight without any energy.
    In a world primarily centered on animals fighting each other, you can banished to a distorted world for violence.
    If you're a girl, and your name begins with "Azu" and ends in "Rill", you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a sex change later in life just by growing up. FREAKY. O_O
    Though members of the league (as well as rivals) can use animals evolved at illegal levels or with illegal actions without penalty, if you do it, you get labeled as a n00b/cheater/hacker for life.
    Even though psychic foxes are supposedly way smarter than humans with high IQ, they still don't know what to do with man-made items. Also, even though they're really smart, they still only know how to do 4 things.
    Don't throw rocks at sparrows or taunt weak, red fish ; you'll regret it later in life.
    Once you catch an animal, you need at least one with you at all times.
    Abnormal electric mice can fluctuate in level frequently, being very powerful in one region and weak as crap in the next. And this process repeats and continues...
    If you ride on water on the back of one animal, you can use another animal to dive, even if it can't swim.
    You can stand right next to your animals and get hit by hail, fire, water, rocks, sandstorms, earthquakes, and explosions without feeling a thing or getting hurt.
    For some animals to be strong, people must make them happy.
    10-year-olds technically don't have curfews. While they have the ability to go home, they don't have to return. They can even go running around at 3:00 AM in the morning in other cities without the police doing a thing!
    Anyone who is a freak about games is awesome.

    That pokemon as big as cities can still fit into your fist if you trap them

    i learnt its ok to gamble as a 10yr old

    i learned that when u dig, u actually fly up

    ive learned that people stay up all night, every night and only ever speak to one person.

    That gods can be tamed and controlled by a ten year old.

    That powerful and evil organisations can be overthrown by a pre-teen.

    tham many more trainers than everyone though have terrible eyesight.

    Get up, Kid!

    Trainers often begin the first day of their career by oversleeping, being woken up by their mother, and being reminded that they slept so late that they missed the meeting with the Professor.

    He's Proud? But Daddy Is... Where Is He?

    Most Trainers only have a mother and no father, either because they walked out on their nagging mother or because they went crazy from flashbacks of their Pokemon adventure and took their own life.

    Professor Forestman

    All Professors are named after trees. If there is ever a Trainer with a last name that is a tree, then he or she must at some point become a Professor.

    Logan's Run -5

    At exactly the age of 10, every child is required by law to receive a possibly feral pet and take a journey out into a dangerous world filled with wild, lethal, and often rabid creatures in order to prove themselves as adults. Fortunately...

    That Episode of House With the Chicken

    Trainers don't have to fight said creatures themselves. They can let their pets do all the fighting for them. After all, better them than us. Unfortunately...

    The Inexperienced Professional

    Regardless of how good Trainers get at raising Pokemon, they will never gain a single level.

    The Compulsories

    Fire, Water, and Grass are always encountered, and almost immediately. But Steel, Dragon and Fighting aren't encountered right away. That would just be silly.

    Crono's Complaint

    The less the Trainer talks, the more words are put into his mouth, and therefore the more trouble he must get into through no fault of his own.

    If It's Not Nailed Down... (Kender Rule)

    All Trainers are professional thieves. They can walk into just about anybody's house like the door wasn't even locked. They just barge right in and start looking for stuff. Anything they can find that's not nailed down is theirs to keep. Trainers will often walk into perfect strangers' houses, lift their precious artifacts, and then chat with them like they were old neighbors right before heading back out with the poor guy's family heirlooms under their arm. Unfortunately, this never works in stores...

    Dimensional Transcendence Principle

    Buildings are much, much larger on the inside than on the outside, and that doesn't even count the secret maze of tunnels in the basement.

    Meowth, Whatsit?

    If you ever encounter a cat with a Brooklyn accent, chances are you'll have to see it at least ten more times over the next month.

    That they're stalkers on every corner.

    I learnt that you get the only room in the house, along with a comfortable bed, computer and/or gaming console while your mother lives downstairs in the kitchen/lounge room. I've also learnt that parenting is alot easier since you only have to take care of your kids til the age 10 when they leave home.

    I've learned that it's okay to waltz into people's houses with out knocking,
    that rodents can apparently control electricity,
    and that as soon as you're ten years old, you're allowed to travel around alone and battle strangers.

    That it's ok to make animals your slaves and battle for your enjoyment.

    under no circumstances never walk into grass

    I learned that all species in the entire world lay eggs.

    Even when in a life-or-death fight against an evil sociopath in an alternate universe, you still have to take turns.

    I learned that time travel is possible, but only for baseball-sized objects.

    And I learnt that this is gonna take a while


    Re: Lessons you've Learned from Pokemon

    Post by Guest on Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:08 pm

    Thats a lot of lessons!!

    I read like half because there was soo much xD
    I'll read the rest later!

    I'll add a few

    1. It's Okay to play with strangers.

    2. The older you get the more stupid you are in most cases

    3. You can run around in circles and no one would question you.

    4. You never talk. Even when you save the world,Win the pokemon league,See Monsters blowing things up etc.

    I'll add more when i think of them!
    Zappy said too much xD

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    Re: Lessons you've Learned from Pokemon

    Post by zappyspiker on Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:03 pm

    XD I just puty all the ones on the thread, only ;like the 1st 50 are mine lol

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    Re: Lessons you've Learned from Pokemon

    Post by wolf on Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:57 pm

    xD, well, the main thing pokemon taught me is that socialsing with people from different countries that i have never seen before is fun!


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    Re: Lessons you've Learned from Pokemon

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