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    Jobs On Offer

    Post by zappyspiker on Sat Sep 05, 2009 2:06 am

    Super Moderator
    [3 Jobs]
    This job lets you Moderate the whole of the Forum
    You need to be pretty active already


    Junior Moderator
    [9 Jobs]
    This Jobs Lets you Moderate Different Parts of the Forum
    You need to be pretty active already

    Graphics Team
    If you are part of the Graphics Team, You help with the design of the Forum and all the other Graphical Stuff You also Moderate the Graphics Zone

    FanFic Team
    Being in the FanFic Team, you help by showing us your stories and giving ideas/ Ratings to Fanfic Writers - You also Moderate the FanFic Zone

    You help with the Development of the Community. You keep coming up with the ideas and exploring them more to make them work and also what we could do to help the Community grow more


    You Supervise All of the forum, you warn the members if they Break the Rules


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