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    Pokeglobal MMO

    Post by psychicboy on Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:18 am

    Well I'm sure as kids when we played any pokemon game we thought "Hey, what if we could walk around together and battle each other when we pressed a on each other." With that thought, many things could of been possible like battling the regions team cooperatively. Well pokeglobal is a pokemon MMO unlike all the others. Most Pokemon MMOs that you might of played either sucked, were buggy, or weren't updated a lot. This one is different. Right now its in a playable beta called Fearless Feebas, but soon (like 10 days from now) it will update into Valient Venonat. right now it has the entire johto region added, but the next beta will add the Kanto region.

    If you are interested at all, the site is

    The development site is

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