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    The Pokemon Net Battle Rules


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    The Pokemon Net Battle Rules

    Post by zappyspiker on Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:14 am

    Community Rules

    Forum-wide Rules

    The community rules are designed as a policy to allow community members to respect the values of other members. The rules set forth are rules set in conjunction with our terms of service. The community rules aim to protect members and staff around the community to ensure that it is an enjoyable, safe experience for all its members. However, please be aware that failure to abide by the rules or the terms of service may result in a warning or a ban. Rules may be subject to change; please check back on the community rules as often as possible to review the rules. Also be aware that while these are rules that apply to the community as a whole, some forums within the community may impose other rules. Please check on those rules before you post in those forums as well.

    SPAM is not allowed.
    Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages are posts that can be off topic. Members are not allowed to create posts that are devoid of content or invaluable text.

    Double posting or consecutive posting is not allowed
    Apart from the Fan fiction area which have exceptions, no one is allowed to make more than one consecutive post. If you need to add more edit your posts.

    Everybody is to respect other people on the board.
    Do not flame, bash or insult other people. If someone acts disrespectful, or harasses you, this does not give you the excuse to act the same in retaliation. Language in the forum must not be offensive to others - words such as "gay" when used in a derogatory manner must not be used. Do not press upon other members' religious beliefs.

    Advertising other forums is not permitted in posts, blog entries, visitor messages, or private messages.
    The community prohibits unsolicited advertising of forums. The only space where you are permitted to advertise is your signature and in the Advertising Area. Members who join and send forum links to other members over the private message system will be immediately banned on the notion of joining with the intention of advertising their forum. You are permitted to link to threads and posts of another forum when it may helpful and contributive to the thread. Linking to other web sites is permitted anywhere in the community, but blatantly advertising web sites is not permitted. (It is left to the discretion of the community staff to decide whether a link to a website or forum may be considered advertising. Unacceptable forms of linking may be edited without question.)

    Pornographic images must not be shown/posted anywhere on the community.
    No member in the forum can post an image or link to a pornography site. Doing so will result in an immediate ban.

    No member is not allowed to register accounts to create an illusion of more than one person.
    This is also known as "sock puppetry", you may not use another account to vote on a poll or back up an argument, mislead other members, or evade a ban. Evasion of a ban, in particular may, depending on the offences a member commits, result in punishments such as the ban time being doubled and/or the timer reset. This does not prohibit having multiple accounts (for yourself or individuals in your family) in general. We will ban all accounts used for ban evasion without question.


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